Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Lady Avenging Warrior Returns.

La Guerrera Vengadora is back!

Rosa continues the life of a teacher and is still La Guerrera Vengadora that is saving lives and getting rid of crimes around town. When one of her students is kicked out of her home for getting pregnant, Rosita takes her into her home to help the poor girl out. When some vengeful mobsters who are after La Vengadora mistakenly kill the girl: Rosa, her boyfriend Martin and little Tun Tun team up together to capture the mobsters and even save a little kidnapped girl along the way.

Remember when I said the first La Guerrera Vengadora movie leaves you wanting more? Well La Guerrera Vengadora 2 is here to fill that void! And let me tell you this sequel does not disappoint whatsoever. There's definitely a lot of new things going on and it's all very special and badass. The movie begins with a bank robbery as La Vengadora fixes up her new bike & installing new weaponry on it. When she gets word about the robbery: she drives out fast and shoots down the robbers with a smile on her face. The survivors of the robbery smile as well. It’s a wonderful scene. While the stunts weren’t done by Rosa Gloria Chagoyan herself, they’re still done so amazingly. The sequel had a lot of shit going on and a lot of stunts to make this all happen so you gotta give some big compliments to the stuntmen & its coordinators. My favorite scenes are pretty much near the end when Tun Tun goes head on with a "bull" on a motorcycle and when La Vengadora and the little kidnapped girl are riding to getaway from gunmen whom are also on motorcycles. It's wild seeing a little kid in an action movie and being near so much danger & violence. It's of course something we haven't seen already, but in this case I thought it was the coolest thing ever. They really went all out for this sequel!

I highly recommend watching La Guerrera Vengadora 2. Once you finish part 1, then you must watch part 2 afterwards and enjoy the hell out of it just as the first movie. Again, I must praise Rosa Gloria Chagoyan and her husband Rolando Fernandez and this time director was Rolando’s brother Raul Fernandez Jr. They all made such a wonderful sequel to an already cool as hell movie. Another high recommend to watch. You don't wanna miss this amazing sequel. 10/10. 

It was nice to catch-up to this movie again after so long of not watching it and I must thank my good friend Ronny of Video Patron for reminding me of it and telling me how much he really likes it. He likes it so much that he made a cool VHS release with English subtitles all done by himself for the Spanish impair. If you want yourself a copy, then please go message him on his Instagram. Seriously, go buy a copy along with El Placer De La Venganza

The Lady Avenging Warrior.

When the young brother of school-teacher Rosa (Rosa Gloria Chagoyan) is murdered and his girlfriend is raped by the vicious biker gang “Los Puñales” (The Daggers):  Rosa decides to take matters into her own hands to avenge her brother’s death and to put a stop at crime in her city. Rosa equips on her late father’s motorcycle stunt equipment (bike, outfit and even weapons) and becomes La Guerrera Vengadora (aka "The Lady Avenging Warrior").

Now where do I even begin? Well first I can say is La Guerrera Vengadora is a non-stop wild & action ride with the most attractive female avenger that has ever appeared on the Mexican big screen. After the huge success of Lola La Trailera, its sequel and La Fuga De Caro, it was yet again time for Rosa Gloria Chagoyan along her husband Rolando Fernandez to Star in another epic action movie directed by Rolando’s father Raul Fernandez. La Guerrera Vengadora is one fun as hell movie with so much good action from beginning to end. As attractive as Rosa Gloria Chagoyan is, she’s also such a good actress and really gets into her character so well. I really admire her in this movie a lot. Her husband Rolando is also a really good actor and seeing him working along with his awesome wife in a movie like this truly admirable. Now the most random but the most fascinating part of the movie is Rosita’s sidekick played by the little legend Jose Rene Ruiz aka "Tun Tun". He’s clearly there for comedic support but he’s also in on the action as well. It’s so damn intriguing seeing this little man telling his corny jokes and also riding around and fighting Agustin Bernal. He also dances to “Macumba” with 2 ladies in a nightclub. Simply amazing.

La Guerrera Vengadora is entertaining all the way. It goes by so fast because so much amazing shit happens and it just leaves you wanting so much more. Luckily a sequel does exist and it definitely fills that need for more Guerrera Vengadora action. If you’re looking for a fun as hell Mexican action movie from the 80’s, then La Guerrera Vengandora is a must watch. This is honestly one of the best in the genre and this movie was made with so much hard work and passion. It really deserves the high praise I’m giving it. 10/10.

And I cannot forgot to mention Rosa Gloria Chagoyan naturally performed a theme song for the movie. The lyrics are just grand.